Why Mobile Apps are Crucial to Branding Strategy!

"Mobile Apps", why? 

The term "app" is a shortening of the term "application software". It became very popular in 2010, and it was listed as the "Word of the Year" by the American Dialect Society.

As technology advances, there has been a big shift from website hours to mobile app hours, where people spend most of their time. 50% of average population in the U.S. chose mobile apps over websites and computers. And the number keeps increasing every year. 

Mobile apps could be used to entertain, book a cab or anything that is essential to an individual. So how can a business benefit from brand presence in the App universe? 

Did you know that 80% of future revenue comes from 20% of existing customers?
Imagine promoting your mobile app with every product you sell, the customer retention potential is huge.

So, mobile apps are crucial to branding. But how?

As mobile apps is crucial for a branding strategy, so is performance tweaks for automobiles. In a car, tires perfectly inflated can be 6% more fuel efficient than those tires under inflated by 15 psi (1 bar). That’s an increase of ₹12487 every year on a fuel spend of ₹2,08,120 per year. 

We can simply ignore the 6% extra benefits and be comfortable with what we had achieved. But, think of how many day-to-day expense items can be covered by that 6% extra mileage.  

In branding strategy, it applies the same way. Businesses spend huge amounts to brand the product, then promote their audibility and finally to make them memorable. 

From visitor engagement to visitor conversion and finally to customer retention, mobile apps have efficient features that can leverage your existing assets to hover the never attempted mile.

The 5 must have features for any branded mobile app 

Having many features on a mobile application can make it clumsy, while not having these 5 basic features can lose an extra mile. So our focus is to stick to three important objectives. 

Visitor Engagement → Visitor Conversion  → Customer Retention

1. Product Preview

Product preview serves our first objective visitor engagement. Once you have your app promotions running, and have integrated a link to your mobile app with every product and marketing graphics, every visitor would be curious to know what you offer. 

A simple presentation best explains the products and services that your brand offers. Could be few lines of text or colorful graphics with catchy lines, but makes the first impression the best.       

2. Shopping & Billing

When a visitor is interested in your product, converting the engagement into a sale is important. Billing the customer on the app, ensures a commitment to test your products and services. After purchasing a product, the visitor may expect some assurance that he/she will be serviced in a timely manner. To ensure that, a service tracking feature or a call from your service personnel can reduce fears a customer may face. Shopping & billing should be designed to work out all the possible interactions. Discounts and coupons could be useful for new brands entering new markets. 

3. Social Sharing & Rewards

Rewarding customers for sharing their purchase on social media is highly rewarding. One positive comment from a customer can bring several like-minded customers to try your brand. The potential is huge. 

The Starbucks rewards program is a good example of intertwining social sharing with rewards program.

4. Alerts & Notifications

Last three app features we talked about accomplishes our first two objectives. But how can mobile apps help in customer retention? 

"20% discount on all new products. Diwali surprise from XYZ", sent as an alert to your app users, activates them to try out new products on the festive season. Have you noticed food app alerts striking at 11am, when you are hungry and more prone to go for it. Fine tuning the alerts and timing has huge potential.

Point to remember here is to avoid sending too many alerts, that may annoy the users pushing them to un-install the app.

5. In-app Messaging

Whatsapp and Facebook are famous social messengers, but how can a visitor or a happy customer chat with your product support team. 

Having messaging in your mobile application will run the extra mile. With in-app messaging, customers can directly interact, confirm and clarify their queries. Thereby maximizing the utility of your assets throughout the customer life cycle.

Ready to go mobile? We can help you.

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